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Where do the shepherds turn to when they feel the need to be open, honest and real with someone? Who shepherds them?
Majority of pastors enter the job with zeal only to be later frustrated by the everyday duties a pastor must deal with which the seminary did not teach them how to handle.
Sadly, statistics show us that above 75% of pastors say they do not have a mentor or significant friendship in their lives.(Pastor Paul D. Stevens 2012) Where Do Pastors Go To Cry
What do these men and women do? Do they stuff their emotions until they become cold, hard, angry, numb, depressed and miserable and then make choices based on those repressed emotions? For 75% the answer seems to be yes!

Why? The truth is thatthey don’t know who they can trust. Most are afraid that if they voice their struggles, word will get back to their denominational superiors or church boards and they may lose their livelihood! Unfortunately we’ve heard the stories and we know this to be true.

At Pastoral Care Center we recognize the need for safe and confidential mentoring relationships and we are doing something about it! We are the voice of encouragement, perspective and wisdom. At Pastoral Care Center, We encourage Pastors to remain in ministry rather than leave due to burnout and/or moral failure. They continue to teach the Word of God and encourage their flock to stay on course and to fight the good fight of faith.This is because they too have chosen to stay on the course and fight the good fight! We recognize that Pastoral Care Centre can’t reach every struggling pastor in Kenya. Some pastors will not reach out to one another when they are struggling but others will.Shepherds/Pastors just have to know that Pastoral Care Center is a resource that God has put in place to assist them.

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